What a Joke (Mos Def is most definately an idiot)


August 21, 2013

Abducted by bounty hunters, imprisoned without cause, denied due process of law, cleared of all charges yet forbidden to go home, scores of innocent men in the Guantanamo Bay gulag have been driven to resist in the only way they can – by staging a hunger strike.

Finding themselves irretrievably in the hands of an immensely powerful enemy that is entirely unburdened by moral scruples, the Gitmo hunger strikers have decided to pursue freedom on the only terms available to them: Either as living human beings, or as souls emancipated from bodies that remain unjustly confined, they will be free.

The despicable people who run the Caribbean prison are more than willing to allow their victims to kill themselves out of despair – or evento murder some of them and disguise the act as suicide. However, they will not countenance the act of self-slaughter if it is made as an assertion of self-ownership.

So since the hunger strike began in February, the gulag-keepers in Guantanamo Bay have employed the same tactic once used by their Soviet forebears in dealing with dissenters: They have been punishing the hunger-strikers by force-feeding them, an act widely recognized as torture. This involves shackling a victim to a restraint chair, immobilizing his head, and either forcing a feeding tube down his throat, or snaking it down a nasal passage through the alimentary canal into his stomach.

Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who underwent force-feeding after being arrested by the KGB and sent to the Soviet psychiatric gulag, has described the experience. (Continue Reading)

Let Them Starve, I Say

Mos Def is most definately an idiot, as the title declares; not just because he’s a rappist and another Hitchens debate victim, but because he’s a lying fraud!  If you take the time to watch the first video you’ll see Yasiin Bey (also known as Mos Def, which apparently is his attempt to convey a sort of positive association by contracting the phrase Most Definately-this is popular with street thugs) act as if inserting a feeding tube is a form of cruel torture.  How in the world could I be so insensitive to having a feeding tube inserted into someones nose? This sounds horrible but the second video depicts a semi-new fad diet in which people (typically brides-to-be) have the same type of treatment performed in order to lose that pesky last 20lbs before their wedding.  It’s sort of routine by now, so much so, women seek out and pay $1500 for the “K-E diet” willingly.  One would think that such a statement as a name with so much certainty would be a reflection of a more stoic person, but so goes projected personas.  –teajr

Link to the feeding tube diet (Popular with Women)


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