Free (us all from) Nelson Mandela

Black South Africa gained their freedom, but we can’t talk about what happened after this momentous occasion…

If he’s correct, why not just all drink the Jim Jones-stirred Kool-Aid and go off and live on the tail of the Hale-Bopp Comet?

The last pure hero, dead? Why on earth is life worth living anymore?

Consider that since his election into office, the South African military (you know, that militant wing of black state power in South Africa, assigned with defending state interests) has completely collapsed under the precarious weight of racial realities.

Submarines don’t work, the entire fleet in dry docks.

The SA Navy is crippled by a lack of qualified personnel:

The South African Navy is being crippled by a lack of qualified personnel, which means that only half its frigates and one of its three submarines can be manned at any one time.

The source added that the Navy was trying so hard to meet its empowerment quotas that black personnel were being put in most top positions even though the majority are insufficiently trained. 
Some of the South African National Defence Force’s other problems that were identified included a sense of entitlement and self-enrichment amongst members, bloated personnel costs and the SANDF being forced to take orders from a political party rather than the government.

Extreme affirmative action has gutted the South African Air Force, with political pressure from the democratically elected black government to find more black pilots to fly European built aircraft:

The South African Air Force (SAAF) has a morale problem. The government has been trying to integrate previously all white institutions. This has been most difficult in areas that require lots of technical training and education. Like pilots. The government has set a racial goal for SAAF pilots, and wants them to be 75 percent black and 25 percent white. Currently, it is 19 percent black and 81 percent white. The morale problem arose when, recently, three top rated graduates of pilot training school, who would normally go on to fly fighters, were told that, because they were white, they would instead fly helicopters or transports. Three, less qualified black pilots would go on to fly fighters. When commanders noted the morale problem, and public outcry, they declared that it was no longer the policy to send the best pilots to fighters, but to spread the best pilots around to all flying communities.

It’s entire fleet of 18 Agusta A109 helicopters were grounded, due to lack of funds.

But Nelson Mandela persisted, bringing black-empowered democracy to a nation founded and maintained by whites! He’s the last true hero on planet earth, though the nation his earthly body just left is virtually incapable of fighting a war.

But blacks run the whole show in South Africa! Who cares about petty little details that don’t include rehashing why Apartheid was wrong and how those evil white South Africans deserve mass genocide, right? [Richard Stengel: ‘We’ve kind of made [Mandela] into a Santa Claus. He wasn’t’, Daily Caller, 12-6-13]:

 He was a pragmatic politician,” he told “Morning Joe” co-hosts Willie Geist and Mika Brzezinski. “He wasn’t a visionary necessarily, he wasn’t a philosopher, he wasn’t a saint. But he never deviated from [seeking democracy for black South Africans]. But anything that would get him there, he embraced, including violence.”

“He created the violent wing of the ANC,” he continued. “And people don’t realize that and don’t remember that. We’ve kind of made him into a Santa Claus. He wasn’t. He was a revolutionary.”

But, Stengel did state Mandela was the “last pure hero on the planet.” A violent, pro-black revolutionary is the ultimate manifestation of heroism in this world.

And hey, South African-style black empowerment is coming to America’s military, where Nelson Mandela’s shadow is never hard to find. [Minority officer accessions continue to rise, Military Times, 11-26-13]:

The group of officer candidates recruited during fiscal 2013 was the most diverse in the Corps’ history, Marine Corps Recruiting Command announced last week.

Nearly a quarter of the new officer candidates were minorities, up almost 9 percentage points from fiscal 2010, when 15.2 percent of officer candidates were non-white.

The pool in fiscal 2013 included 78 black candidates, 141 Hispanics and 121 Americans of other minority backgrounds. They made up more than 24 percent of the 1,400 candidates recruited during the past fiscal year.

Lt. Col. Chester McMillon, head of MCRC’s officer programs, said boosting the diversity of the officer pool in 2013 continued an upward trend, according to a Marine Corps news release.

“We’ve nearly doubled the diversity of officer accessions over the past five years,” he said. “The Marine Corps will benefit from a diverse force for the simple fact that any organization is more successful when they have the best folks from all segments of society.”

Creating a more diverse force has been one of Gen. James Amos’ priorities as commandant. In March, he called on the Corps to take a fresh approach to diversity, which included recruiting and retaining minority and female officers, plus better leadership and mentoring to help them develop.

Laugh if you will at the state of the South African military, unburdened by the demand of high qualifications and actual merit behind promotions; understand the United States Military is roughly 25 years away from fully embracing Nelson Mandela’s shadow. [Pentagon training manual: white males have unfair advantages, Fox News, 10-31-13]

We even have black Air Force generals blaming ‘racism’ on the lack of black pilots, and Navy SEALs diversity outreach a greater strategic initiative/goal than recruiting qualified candidates.

Mandela was a terrorist, who ushered in a world where being white is a true liability; but his true legacy is showing, for those who actual care to look, that black empowerment through democracy is a greater catastrophe than an atom/nuclear bomb strike.

South Africa’s dying cities and collapsing military show us this, just as Detroit 2013 shows us this.

So Stengel is correct in a weird way, with Mandela being the “last pure hero on the planet,” for the ideology known as Black-Run America (BRA); but once his shadow passes, the opportunity for new heroes – who must pick up the pieces of a civilization ravaged by his hand – will emerge.  (Source)

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