100 Million Americans – On Boehner’s Hit List

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Speaker John Boehner holds a press conference in Washington

Little Tboca

…Over 100 million American workers are on John Boenher’s hit list – that seems to be a very rash statement. John Boehner, Cantor Ryan and Goodlatte have placed the amnesty issue on the front burner – that’s reality.

Boehner intends to get his way by giving millions of illegal aliens a free pass to our Nation’s jobs, medical care, unemployment insurance, food stamps, free education and Federally funded housing – this won’t just be a conversation piece it will be a reality in 2014 if ‘we the people don’t stop him….’

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Boehner’s Immigration “Principles” Will Trade American Jobs for Campaign Cash

Later this month House Republicans will gather out of town for a retreat to consider priorities for the second year of the current Congress. Immigration will top the list. ..

…Boehner, along with Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan…

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