Neanderthals were just as smart as us


Humans are the last surviving members of our family, the hominins. Scientists have been trying to explain this fact for as long as its been known. One of the more popular explanations is that we were simply smarter than all our relatives, but how to prove this? Brains, after all, do not fossilise. Enter “behavioural modernity” (BM). Behavioural modernity is a suite of behaviours, tools and strategies thought to correlate with “cognitive modernity” (aka modern human levels of intelligence); or are the products of cognitive modernity that allowed humans to flourish1. And the lovely table below details these behaviours.

I made this table for you, I hope you like it I made this table for you, I hope you like it

Now those of you with an exquisite memory might be able to remember a grand two days into the past; when I discussed research that showed Neanderthals also had many of these behaviourally modern behaviours (but not…

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