VIDEO Undue Process ‘Kids for Cash’ and ‘The Injustice System’ – judge gets 28 years

Reclaim Our Republic

-KIDS FOR CASH Documentary with Filmmaker Robert May
-‘Kids for cash’ judge sentenced to 28 years for racketeering scheme
March 29, 201 ABBE SMITH

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, the landmark Supreme Court decision that gave poor defendants the right to counsel, it would be nice to celebrate. That case, taken together with the 1967 decision In re Gault, which gave juveniles the same rights in court as adults, stands for the principle that process matters in our system of justice; when faced with the awesome power of the state, the accused — rich or poor, old or young — must be properly armed.

Two recent books put a damper on the celebration, revealing just how random and impoverished justice can be, and how flimsy the right to counsel. In “Kids for Cash,” the investigative reporter William Ecenbarger tells the story behind a corruption scandal…

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