Street Harrasement| Its NOT OK!

If they’d stop walking around with they’re tits and rears hanging out, then I might agree.

The Human Lens

STREET Harassment?

What are the ladies complaining about? It’s just attention, isn’t it, and women love attention! They’d probably complain more if they didn’t get catcalled, groped and followed home! I’ve heard this sort of argument from men so many times that it’s impossible to dismiss as willful stupidity.

Women across the globe struggle in ways similar or diverse, in subtle and blatant ways every time we set foot outside the four walls.

Be it eastern or western side of the globe — street harassment is a problem that cuts across age, color, religion, clothing attire, class and time frames. Here’s a collection of images depicting what I am talking about.

1. Yes, you got it right. My name is not baby!!!

Film talk flyer

2. Guys when you whistle at ladies, is that a compliment or you think we are pet dogs??

3.  Wow, men’s abilities to make simple words like “hello”…

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