' Our Children's Food in the Hands of Food Corporations and Groups Such as Dairy-Check-Off '

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#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (USDA) – July 14 – The USDA’s MyPlate program recommends going easy on fast food: “People who eat out more often, particularly at fast food restaurants, are more likely to be overweight or obese,” it says.

​Sounds sensible enough.

But there’s one little problem:

The USDA also oversees the Dairy Checkoff, a group that works hand in hand with fast food chains.


Amazingly, the Dairy Checkoff provides six dairy specialists—who offer “technical assistance, support, and dairy expertise”—to McDonald’s.

It also employs an on-site dairy scientist at Taco Bell.

And that’s not all: The Dairy Checkoff regularly helps companies create and promote menu items that contain dairy—many of which are a far cry from the USDA’s recommendations for a healthy diet.

To see some examples—and to read more about the Dairy Checkoff’s fast-food connections—click here.[READ MORE]


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