3500 ‘Minutemen’ Troops Converge At Border To ‘Stop The Invasion’

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Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist has launched “Operation Normandy,” an effort to recruit 3,500 volunteers to converge at the US-Mexico border to “stop the invasion.”

Pointing to Obama’s policies of deferring deportation rather than dealing with the influx of minors illegally entering the country, Gilchrist hopes to put an end to the illegal border crossings, as well as the disease some of the migrants bring with them.

“If you are familiar with the Normandy invasion of France in 1944, then you have an idea how large and logistically complicated this event will be,” Gilchrist wrote in an email. “However, there will be one minor difference. We are not going to the border to invade anyone. We are going there to stop an invasion.”

“This offensive is an invasion, not led by troops, but by divisions of mothers, children, and young adults marching north from Central America and Mexico,” Gilchrist explained…

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