Funny Guardian reader’s reply exposes “Palestinian” email fabrications from Gaza

The Muslim Issue

We had a really good laugh reading the reply in response to this person’s comment in the Guardian under the article “Israeli officials say ‘comprehensive ceasefire’ agreed – live updates

Guardian is a sad pro-Palestinian, pro-terrorist publication with a tiny readership circulation consisting mainly of emotionally and mentally challenged libtards, the delusional, honor and apostasy killing supporters, Trojan Horse school-takeover groups, child sex-grooming gang members and other nefarious lots:

According to RememberGiap he/she hosted a young man from Gaza in 2013 for four weeks before he had to return to Gaza for a ‘family emergency’.

Drama queens.

This morning he had received a desperate email message from him in Arabic that read:

My Dear Friend

Things are desperate and we are currently running out of water with electricity supplies very, very low. My family and neighbours of about 30 people are all sleeping together in one room and…

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