The Entitlement Mentality Must Stop Immediately


What has happened to my America.  We have gone from a nation of self reliance to a nation of entitlement dependents.  Now I know not everyone is like this; but for those of you with an entitlement mentality, have some self respect and try achieving the following.

  • Get a good education.  It can be done; just apply yourself.
  • Get a good job.  Something you can be proud of.  It may take time to find one that satisfies you; as well as pays well, but keep looking until you find one that’s right for you.
  • Stop expecting other people to foot the bill for you.  A lifetime dependency on welfare should make you feel ashamed.  No self respecting person should feel good about themselves if they are on an entitlement program for their entire life.
  • Got a dream; then see it through.  Don’t give up on it just because you hit…

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