Coup d’etat – the term that best defines Barrack Hussein Obama’s “conduct of office” as President of the United States….

Powdered Wig Society

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society


From Wikipedia:
“Tactically, a coup d’état involves control, by an active minority of usurpers, who block the remaining (non-participant) defenders of the state’s possible defence of the attacked government, by either capturing or expelling the politico-military leaders, and seizing physical control of the country’s key government offices, communications media, and infrastructure.”

The definition of coup d’etat fits perfectly the actions of King Hussein, I mean Barrack Obama, since he has been emperor, I mean President of the United States. With “an active minority of usurpers,” (Obama’s corrupt cabinet and a handful of complicit members of Congress), he has ignored and neglected his duty to execute laws written and passed by Congress. He has, instead, written the law himself, to suit his agenda, changing it at will. And Congress watches…. and they do NOTHING!

King Hussein need not seize physical control of our “communications media,”…

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