SELF-DEFENSE: Hero Cop Darren Wilson Was ‘Beaten Nearly Unconscious’ Before Shooting Violent Criminal Maggot Michael Brown





Black men being gunned down in the streets by racist cops is an urban legend. It doesn’t happen. If Michael Brown had just tried to take your gun while beating you nearly unconscious, and then was charging back at you like a freight train, what would you do? This is the Trayvon Martin story all over again. Black thug starts beating white guy to death, white guy shoots and kills black thug, in self-defense.

Excerpted from FOX NEWS: Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department’s top brass told

“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”

According to the well-placed source, Wilson was coming off another case in the neighborhood on Aug. 9 when he ordered Michael Brown and his friend Dorain Johnson to stop walking in the middle of the road because they were obstructing traffic. However, the confrontation quickly escalated into physical violence, the source said..

“They ignored him and the officer started to get out of the car to tell them to move,” the source said. “They shoved him right back in, that’s when Michael Brown leans in and starts beating Officer Wilson in the head and the face.

The source claims that there is “solid proof” that there was a struggle between Brown and Wilson for the policeman’s firearm, resulting in the gun going off – although it still remains unclear at this stage who pulled the trigger. Brown started to walk away according to the account, prompting Wilson to draw his gun and order him to freeze. Brown, the source said, raised his hands in the air, and turned around saying, “What, you’re going to shoot me?”

At that point, the source told, the 6 foot, 4 inch, 300-pound Brown charged Wilson, prompting the officer to fire at least six shots at him, including the fatal bullet that penetrated the top of Brown’s skull, according to an independent autopsy conducted at the request of Brown’s family.

Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in the fracas, and was left dazed by the initial confrontation, the source said. He is now “traumatized, scared for his life and his family, injured and terrified” that a grand jury, which began hearing evidence on Wednesday, will “make some kind of example out of him,” the source said.

The source also said the dashboard and body cameras, which might have recorded crucial evidence, had been ordered by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, but had only recently arrived and had not yet been deployed.
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4 Responses to SELF-DEFENSE: Hero Cop Darren Wilson Was ‘Beaten Nearly Unconscious’ Before Shooting Violent Criminal Maggot Michael Brown

  1. Roberta says:

    Come out and show the people your BOO BOO Mr Wilson. PUSSY LIAR IN HIDING.

    • teajr says:

      When you use phrases such as, “Boo Boo”, and “Pussy liar”, you are in fact showing your ass, and lack of intelligence.

    • eta45 says:

      Who are the ‘people’ who want to see it?

      Why do blacks protect their thugs?

      We never see Whites protecting their criminal element.

      Sounds like you’re mad Ofc. Wilson collected more donations from his ‘gofundme’ account than did black Brown.

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