ISIS Terrorism Supporter Threatens to Suicide Bomb a Shopping Mall


Yesterday, we brought you the story of an ISIS (ISIL/IS) supporter threatening a terrorist attack against Chicago on Twitter. Now, an ISIS terrorism supporter has issued threats against an American city; this time Charlotte, North Carolina.

Twitter user John Osborne was tracking down and reporting Twitter accounts which were pushing ISIS propaganda, such as beheadings, designed to instill fear around the world. As Osborne points out, ISIS uses a series of Twitter botsto amplify its ability to get its message out and make its online presence seem much larger than it actually is.

Osborne stumbled upon yet another pro-ISIS account, @DrA12325665, promoting the beheading video of James Foley.

As Osborne was reporting the account to Twitter, the user behind it responded with a threat that seemingly referred to ISIS captive Steven Sotloff. The American photojournalist is scheduled next to be beheaded if President Obama does not comply with the terrorist group’s demands.


The chatter between the two continued, with Osborne including the official FBI and the CIA accounts in his responses. The ISIS account responded with this:

Osborne then reported the conversation to the FBI.


Afterwards, the ISIS account user tweeted out this disturbing couple of tweets, apparently expressing his desire to die while bombing the mall:


These are warnings that the public should be aware of; although the exact threat to Americans’ safety posed by this ruthless terrorist organization is uncertain, it is undoubtedly real.

The lessons to be learned here is that ISIS’s social media operation is highly sophisticated and is designed to spread fear. Also, if the social media accounts are to believed, ISIS may have already infiltrated the United States.

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