Crime: The Races are Very Different

And you will find that the perps are almost always black. If you are a good liberal, you won’t like this, but after three months on the street you will not have the faintest doubt. If you are a suburban conservative out of Reader’s Digest, you will be surprised at the starkness of the racial delineation.

All cops know this. They know better than to say it. This can be tricky for black cops, especially if former military who believe in law and order.

Fred Reed, “What Cops Really Do,” August 23, 2014

Three of my Dad’s brothers were Washington, D.C. cops. One of them, Uncle Jack, was a homicide detective.

Everything Fred says is true.

That’s because Fred used to write such stories while living in Washington, D.C.

Out of the over 800 murders my late Uncle Jack investigated, only 11 involved white victims.

Uncle Jack was a D.C. cop over 40 years ago. This was when D.C. still had a significant population of white residents, not to mention white tourists and white suburbanites who worked in D.C.

Only 11 white victims of homicide in D.C. during his 13-year tenure as a homicide detective. Stunning when you think about it.

There are significant differences among the races.

And those who deny these differences should live in a “gritty” part of town like I did, when I lived in Old East Dallas almost 20 years ago.

One day I rounded a street corner about a mile from home, and a saw a black male lying in the gutter. His body was still. It was in the middle of the day. Did I stop? Hell, no. I kept on driving.

Ditto for one night on the town. Was driving down Ross Avenue towards downtown after last call, and drove by a black couple. They were at a bus stop. The black male was beating the shit out of the female. Did I stop? Hell, no. Remember, this was a few years before cell phones became ubiquitous. I had no phone. Today I still would not stop, but I most certainly call 911. But well past the scene of any crime.
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