85% of all rapes in NYC committed by Blacks and Hispanics; for the sake of their victims can we address this please?


Hopefully none of you have forgotten the despicable comment by misogynist Sandra Bernhard who “issued a blistering warning to Sarah Palin during a performance of her new one-woman show. The Republican V.P. nom would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she enters Manhattan, Bernhard said. Palin is said to be making a campaign stop in New York next week.”~NYDaily News There are so many tragic things about Bernhard’s execrable comment not least of which is a white woman counting on black men to act like animals who would rape a woman based upon her political views. And leaving Bernhard’s racism of despicable expectations aside for a moment, let’s turn to media’s current racism—the racism of protecting minority rapists from public condemnation.

A short while back you read here about gang rapes committed by all black men and teens against very young women. There are plenty of cases to cull from but the two we featured were of an all black men and boys in Texas gang raping an 11-year old child in Texas. And then there was the same circumstance in Arizona except in this case the girl was only 8, and when the rapists were done with her, her African national parents wanted nothing to do with their too dirty to keep girl child. She was turned over to the taxpayers to raise.

And of course there was that group of minority men in California who gang raped a young white girl for over 2 hours while taking cell phone pictures of the “event.” The mainstream media didn’t face up to the fact that the rapists were minorities–and their victim is a white woman.

In the other case the media didn’t even report on the 8 year-old’s rape and in the New York Times, the media actively concealed the fact that all the rapists of a young Hispanic girl were black. All 19 of them.

One can only head shake at the damage to blacks: that Sarah Bernhard expects her “black brothers” to be rapists and that the media—who actively shame whites for committing gang rapes—actively shields minorities for the same crimes. Shame is a good thing; it is what keeps a society civil. But without shaming those who do shameful acts, by seeking to protect them from the atrocities they commit one only encourages more such acts of violence: “there there dear minority male, we can’t expect you to act in the civilized manner of whites so we will cover up the racial element of your crime, the cracks in your culture that need to be fixed must not be addressed least we think ourselves uncool for pointing out certain facts” –facts such as that in NYC blacks and Hispanics commit 85% of all rapes. 85%.

We NEED an honest dialogue about the epidemic of male on female violence that occurs in minority communities. We need to save the women and not worry about being too cool for school. Now I leave you with yet another report of black gang rape—this one aided and abetted by a young woman—but the only cue we have as to the race of the gang rapists is a picture of one of the perps and the fact that this was a gang rape, and presumably the gang was not interracial.
From the NYDailyNEWS:

An 11-year-old girl was lured into a park restroom and raped by seven members of a Southern California gang, according to authorities.
The horror began at a shopping center when an older girl talked the young victim into going in the Victoriano Park’s bathroom in Moreno Valley.
The older girl, who has since been arrested, led the 11-year-old to the bathroom, where the boys and Sykes were waiting around 6 p.m.
The young girl, who is believed to be a random victim, returned to the shopping center around 9 p.m. and reported the attack to police.
He said gang members sometimes rape women as part of an initiation, but this case was unusual because the young men targeted an innocent victim.
The crime comes shortly after an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Tex., was allegedly gang raped by 18 young men and teenage boys.

Note to reporters: If you use the word rape then remember: ALL rapes are done to “an innocent victim.”

Note to Bernhard: why did you say your black brothers would gang rape Sarah Palin? Think about it. Until we confront openly the issue of minority violence against women by the numbers, we will have the likes of Bernhard doing it for us without even realizing what she is doing.
But her way only ingrains and legitimizes such violence and in the end it is young girls who pay that price tag.

And how many stories does the press do weekly on a at-large rapist while failing to warn women about the race of that attacker. This only serves to protect the rapist and incite more of the same.

Rapes in NYC are up 25%!!!!!!! this year.

Think media people think! Who exactly are you protecting?
To stamp out a flu epidemic you must find the source of contagion and address it. Looking the other way only means we will all get sicker.

Web sites that are faux feminist like Feministing are more concerned with being too cool and racially protective to address the issue here: women are paying the price of their silence. Race beats gender at faux 3rd-wave feminist sites. Women come first in the 4th wave. Period.



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