India’s Liberals Debate Whether Saudi Funded ‘Love Jihad’ (Conversion Of Girls) ‘Is Only A Scare Tactic’

The Muslim Issue

Libtards are truly ignorant no matter where in the world they are. Liberals are a scary lot!

Thousands of young Indian girls; Christians, Buddhist and Hindus, are being groomed to convert to Islam. All funded by Saudi Arabia under feigned ‘scholarship’ programs where young Muslim men are paid to groom girls into conversion and have Muslim babies. This is all a part of the wider tactic to convert society into an Islamic State. Similar efforts to expand Wahhabism into the West is funded through Saudi ‘donors’ with intentions of mosques to spread across Europe, and once rooted in the local Muslim community, taken over by Wahhabi management to teach extreme Salafism to Muslim children and youth to spread the ideology of the worldwide Sunni Caliphate and terrorism.

Many of these girls in India are threatened to convert or they will be blackmailed or even killed to bring fear into them…

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