The Economist: The ‘melting pot’ works! American Muslims assimilating beautifully

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Yet, using The Economist’s own supporting numbers….

Approximately 12% of US Muslims believe suicide bombings of civilians can be justified—that means 360,000 American Muslims can justify suicide bombings of innocent men, women and children!

Boy did this unnamed reporter from The Economistdrink the Kool-Aid.   In attempting to tell us why the US was better off than Europe with its “integration” of Muslims he/she sure revealed some scarey numbers.

Obviously The Economistattended the Islamic Society of North America’s annual shindig and although admitted we had a few “bad apples,” America’s Muslims are just like you and me, peace-loving people who want to attend liberal arts colleges, have their kids join the Boy Scouts and build mosques.

Before you proceed, be sure to see this post from last year where we reported that Pew (Forum on Religion and Public Life) says there were 2.75 million Muslims in the US in…

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