Psychological Child Abuse: Muslim Asks 3 Sobbing Children to Choose Which of Them Will Be Beheaded First [Video]

That was the most infuriating thing that I’ve ever seen.

The Muslim Issue

The video claims that it’s a “Lebanese Shiite” who threaten “Syrian children with slaughter”. This is most likely Sunni propaganda. The children seem to be of Indonesian descent.
As if the plaintive cries of these babies wasn’t enough to wrench your heart out, you can hear the mother LAUGHING as her children are frightened for their lives. The mom in me cries for these poor children – and there are so many more that are being raised this same way.

Jihadists aren’t born, they’re grown. How they developed depends on how early on their indoctrination begins.

Brainwashed and battered, young children are often abused by their Muslim parents to become emotionless Islamist warriors.

Much unlike doting Western parents, supporters of violent Islam often expose their children to danger and horror, hoping to desensitize them. This will better prepare them for their future, making them unstoppable machines of slaughter.

While it’s…

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