Video: Muslims caught in the act of bestiality

The Muslim Issue

Listen to the British leftist finding excuses for bestiality. He doesn’t want to focus how gross and sick this common behavior in the Middle East of raping animals is. Instead he is focused on it being “propaganda”.

If your religion covers all aspect of life, and it’s not possible to spend even an hour of the day without it dominating you in some form, is it no wonder the religion creates monsters out of the followers? Islam creates murderers, pedophiles, wife beaters, terrorists and animal abusers out of its followers by endorsing crimes and cruelty and not providing a sensible moral code to the people.

The title says the video is of drone footage of ISIS. But it’s actually footage taken by US soldiers in Afghanistan with infrared cameras a few years back, raping small goats and engaging in the endless Muslim act of bestiality. Bestiality is both permissible and…

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