Video: Saudi Arabia – the creator of ISIS – will not be fighting Islamic State, says billionaire Prince Al-Waleed

The Muslim Issue

Saudi Arabian businessman Prince Alawaleed bin Talal speaks about ISIS and its global impact. Prince Alwaleed talks about ISIS, Obama.

As usual, the typical Arab mindset comes forth: blame their own death cult on the West, a complete lack of desire in fighting or dealing with terrorism which they have supported, funded and created – while they expect the West to fight Arab terror so they can point fingers and blame the West once more.

Time to stop dealing with these animals once and for all. After 9/11 Prince Alawaleed bin Talal said in an interview that the whole Muslim world, including himself and Saudi Arabia, were happy and celebrating Bin Laden’s attack on America.

There are sensible ways to tackle terrorism and make the future safer for the world:

  • Remove all practicing Muslims from the West completely;
    Deport them by canceling residency, revoking passports and visas through a reversed…

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