Breaking: On the Ground in Liberia [VIDEO]

Disaster Response Team of America / BY CHRIS CAMPBELL / OCT 10, 2014

“You can see the difference between a developing country,” Liberia’s Dr. Mohamed Sankoh told VICE from a holding center he and his team had built only days prior, “and a developed country like America.

“If you have Ebola in America, none of them died. Do you know why? It is not because the virus, per se, it is because of the way they handled the management of the disease.”

Duncan Thomas was the first and only death of Ebola in the United States. He died shortly after the filming of this video.

Back to Sankoh’s point, though, here’s some of what goes into handling a disease like Ebola…

You must, he says, “be able to calculate at least, how much fluid was lost by this patient. Able to calculate at least, how many electrolytes and what kind of electrolytes are lost…

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