England is on fire with rampant Muslim pedophilia cases

The Muslim Issue

The British government is truly strange. The country is virtually on fire, just moments away from a major clash between Muslims and the victims of endless Muslim pedophilia, rape, and attacks – and the government does nothing. Police has reported, however, that ‘aggression’ towards Muslims have built up considerably over rampant pedophilia.

Every single day more and more cases come to the surface of Muslim abuse of small children.

An anonymous caller contacted David Russel (EDL) with Motiv6 radio in England to reveal the story of their 5-year old who had been raped for several years by Muslim ‘friends’ and neighbors. Parents were far left liberals and believed their neighbors were good people and allowed them to babysit their toddler. The rape had been ongoing for several years before the parents discovered it. Their lives are now in pieces while the pedophiles have moved out of the area and go…

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