Does America have what it takes to fight a real epidemic?

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America has become too much about following the rules and worrying about people’s rights in order to be able to effectively fight an outbreak of Ebola or any other infectious disease. For example, it took days before the trash was removed from Duncan’s apartment because no one could figure out if it was legal to move it.

What would happen if hundreds of people, or even thousands of people had Ebola? It took a team of fifty people to treat Duncan. There aren’t enough people to treat thousands with Ebola.

Are we prepared to impose the quarantines necessary to prevent the disease from spreading, or are we too worried about violating people’s rights in order to do that?

I can easily see Ebola getting out of hand a lot faster than we are able to adopt socially and politically to taking the harsh but necessary steps necessary to prevent it…

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One Response to Does America have what it takes to fight a real epidemic?

  1. FatherJon says:

    We’re being fed pabulum in small doses here. Despite all the gung-ho advice the reality is that they have no idea about transmission. I even heard on the news, following the newly confirmed case, that Ebola workers are now being told they should wear three pairs of gloves instead of two !!! Indeed ???

    People are quite right about not sending volunteers to help in a situation that’s so fraught with danger, until some proper understanding of the virus and its transmission is reached.

    To send people to an uncertain situation is totally irresponsible.

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