VIDEO Nazi Environmentalism: How green were the Nazis?

Reclaim Our Republic

Green Police
October 11, 2014 By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Mark Musser describes how “God granted Adam and Eve a substantial amount of autonomy over the natural world.” Some environmentalists believe that this Biblical command is one of the reasons why the planet is in ecological distress, coupled with the population explosion, the industrial revolution, the unrestrained pollution, our obscene wealth, and western living standards. (Musser, R. Mark, Nazi Oaks, pp. 10-11)

Musser explores in his book the philosophical and practical roots of environmentalism and its potential connection to the modern version of the Green movement.

Environmental bureaucratic regulations and taxation will force humanity to make such personal sacrifices that there will be no personal behavior left that will not be regulated in some way, including taking videos and pictures in our federal parks. The permit is $1,500 and the fine for non-compliance is $1,000. Would we eventually have to obtain permits…

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