OUCH! This New ObamaCare Study Just Released Will Make Democrat Spin Doctors Utterly Sick

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Obamacare vote

Maybe Barack Obama and his loyal media spin doctors — like the ObamaCare cheerleaders at the New York Times — knew the results of this new study would cast a very dark shadow over the president’s health care takeover scheme…and possibly the critical midterm elections.

Maybe that’s why the Times just published a lengthy report with a conclusion that runs completely counter to the real-world experiences of so many Americans. The paper’s finding?

…the Affordable Care Act has largely succeeded in delivering on President Obama’s main promises….
One of the data points the New York Times uses in offering its cheerful defense of ObamaCare is that the number of Americans without health insurance has fallen significantly.

However, as numerous analysts have observed, many of those added to the ObamaCare insurance rolls are people who have signed up for Medicaid…which means taxpayers will…

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