The vapid propensity of feminism

The Rio Norte Line

To say that I find 21st century feminism an ironic, farcical joke is an understatement. When I get myself so worked up on issues such as these, I feel it’s best to write about them; or get it off my double D chest. Oh no, you didn’t! Yes, yes. I did.

Imagine if you will a stage. We have a door stage left, a door stage right, and a third door up center stage. Standing center are two gentlemen in a heated debate regarding the 19th amendment.

From SR enters a woman who proclaims that it is only right that women should have the right to vote as it is a natural right. (She’s obviously NOT a feminist, but a very logical woman.) She huffs out slams door which simultaneously opens the SL door, where a man proclaims, “if you gentlemen procure the whims of women, it will…

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