Why Most Americans Are Still Stuck on The Oswald ‘Lone Gunman’ Narrative


Source: 21st Century Wire, November 6, 2014Why JFK is still the most important Lone Gunman story? Because it was the first in a long series of psy-ops (psychological operations) directed against the American people. It wasn’t just the killing of Kennedy – it was also the death of common sense in America, as a nation surrendered to the false flag narrative.

Over 50 years on, and most of the United States are still ‘stuck on stupid’ when it comes to the dreadful assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963). Why is the Oswald ‘lone gunman’ theory still so appealing for so many?

By definition, a Lone Gunman is an individual person who acts on his or her own initiative, without partners, especially one who has sole responsibility for doing something questionable, confidential, or iniquitous. In other words, it’s the diametric opposite of a

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