A View to the Right Side…Republicans

The Contemplative Thinker

A View to the Right Side…Republicans

 41fk94wsOYL._AA160_Modern Americans tend to take for granted the acceptance of the Constitution. Its merits seem self-evident largely because it has survived for over two centuries. But in the early 1780s no one could have predicted the Constitution as we know it would have been written, much less ratified. It is equally possible the Americans would have supported a weak confederation, or perhaps, allowed the various states and regions to go their separate ways.

Before simply accepting the above statement, we have a point that we believe is more than equally important as to how much of this pre-Constitution attitude may have come about – and supported by many.

For the sake of good history – let us recall some certain influential dates. Way, way down south in Virginia there is a remarkable monument right on the ocean front that calls attention to those…

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