Researcher On Climate Warming: “Ideological Science At Its Best” With “Cult-Like Status”


Canadian philosophical researcher Shawn Alli has posted a highly critical series titled: The CO2 Climate Change Cult Series.

Alli_2 Philosophy researcher, book author, Shawn Alli thinks global warming science has “cult-like status”

Though he does not appear to be some famous academic professor, his series does poignantly bring up a number of inconvenient points that have leading climate scientists confounded.

Ideologies underpinning IPCC science

Alli sent me an e-mail asking if I’d look over Chapter 7 and 8, which I did. Today’s post focusses on Chapter 7, which starts off powerfully:

Many objective and impartial scientists believe that they have no ideologies and never work to prove what they want to prove. This is a nonsensical belief. Under the ideologies of racism and eugenics, Western-European scientists in the past intentionally prove what they want to prove. The same concept is true in…

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