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Ridin’ That Train, High on Cocaine

Originally posted on Countenance Blog:
USA Daniel Greenfield: America’s gun violence problem is urban. It’s localized in Democratic enclaves. And it overlaps neatly with its corrupt political machines. It has nothing to do with the NRA and a great deal…

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Sheila Jackson Lee gets offered matches after vowing to set herself on fire for Obama

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:
After news broke Thursday that the White House would prevent the deportation of up to five million illegal aliens, politicians from both houses of Congress were quick to chime in with their statements. One…

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Negro Muslim Charged with Rape, Sodomy, Incest, and Murder As Toddler He Fathered by His DAUGHTER Dies of Starvation

Originally posted on saboteur365:
Calvin McIntosh–muh dik was dikking his own daughter Najilaa McIntosh–her daughter is her half sister since they both have the same father. There’s not much to say here other than the USA is sinking deeper into…

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