Missouri Negro State Senator Claims “This is St. Louis race war.”



Here we have another black public official claiming her people are in pain because of systematic racism practiced by white people.

And by God, she intends to do something about it. By introducing legislation in the Missouri legislature that will bring relief to the suffering of her people.

She must be the magic Negro. Since 1865 government has been passing laws and spending money to bring Negro relief to life. When new laws and new government spending don’t work, we’re told to forget about it and support new programs and new spending.

How much of this sh*t are you going to listen to, white man?

You’ve been lied to for 150 years. The only thing that will solve the Negro problem is to send the Negro, even the mulatto, back to Africa, where he is suited to live. Without the sting of the overseer’s whip to prod him to work…

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One Response to Missouri Negro State Senator Claims “This is St. Louis race war.”

  1. Unbelievably despicable. She should be impeached. There is racism in America…. and it’s from Liberal black people, who are filled with hate, rage and ignorance.

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