Video: Dutch politician: ‘The Netherlands must be de-Islamised, all mosques must be closed.’

The Muslim Issue

Machiel de Graaf

Without Islam, the Netherlands would be a wonderful country, says Dutch politician Machiel de Graaf with the PVV party to the Dutch Parliament. Who can disagree? In country after country people say the same thing.

Never have truer words been spoken in a political setting.

It’s like poetry.

It’s Shakespeare of the 21th Century!

To quote Machiel de Graaf:

Without Islam, Jewish children would be able to go to school without protection and gays and lesbians would be safer on our streets.

Without Islam, we would need fewer prisons and police. Integration subsidies would be unnecessary.  We would have less mistreatment of animals, and apartheid would be a word in the history books.

Without Islam, highly qualified Dutch people would feel less inclined to emigrate.

Without Islam, Sharia would not be insidiously introduced in more and more districts.

Children at school would not be confronted with halal meat during…

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