Quite Possibly the Most Racist Article You Will Ever Read


Former Congressman Allen West. Former Congressman Allen West.

A prosecutor notes how different blacks are from other races in this article by former Congressman Allen West, whose point is that we must acknowledge this fact.

At my university, few blacks attended, as to be honest about it, the university was into Mexican supremacism. The few black students I had were mostly naive about how to succeed. I make no judgement about their intelligence, but their ability to discipline themselves to study and learn was pathetically low. The professors were under enormous pressure to lower standards, not because of blacks, but because of low IQ Mexicans recruited from the criminal classes in the barrio. One black professor was fired for giving too many low grades. That sent a message to the other professors.

The racial jambalaya at the university created problems that no one could figure out how to solve. Ditto the USA.

American Renaissance

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