Sweden still can’t get it: Why Swedish girls are leaving home for Isis

The Muslim Issue

For 1,400 years Muslims have been stating over and over again that they kill, invade, loot for the sake of their prophet and Allah according to instructions laid out in the Koran. The endless question as to “why” Muslims do what they do, and the waste of millions in funds to figure it all out shouldn’t even have to come up. How many more years do these left-wing socialists need to grasp this simple fact? How thick are these people?

“Swedish” girls (Muslims) leave because they are dedicated to Islam. They will look for sources, contacts and people who represents that dedication, just like anyone absorbed in some hobby they obsess with. Dedication to islam starts with the parents. Parents who idolize Islam is not going to end up with children who oppose Isis. Remove Islam and remove the idolization of Islam, and the problems go away. Muslim atheists or…

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