Necessary Trump Endorsements To Avoid Disunity Media Narratives…

People struggling to understand Donald Trump endorsing Ryan, McCain and Ayotte seem to forget the larger need to starve the media of talking point oxygen.  Corporate media (in full alignment with W…

Source: Necessary Trump Endorsements To Avoid Disunity Media Narratives…


My Wife got so upset when Trump endorsed Ryan and McCain. I immediately went in on my less than eloquent, explanation of the rope a dope boxing stratagem (it’s really that simple).

After years of breathtakingly, gut-wrenching pain of being politically aware – knowing what these weasels are doing to our Country and feeling powerless, it’s a most singular joy to watch Trump rise to the occasion of smoking out the Rats, and beating them at their own game.  Even if, for some reason, Trump were to turn out to be self serving (and I truly believe in Trump’s good intentions) at least I’ve had the pleasure of watching a Master tactician bring the pos’, self serving Politicians and Media Scum, to their knees.

The signal sent is that they are human, not gods, and that they are beholden to the interest of their own survival – At All Cost. Trump knows their nature better than they know themselves.  Marxist have so masterfully entrenched themselves into every meaningful facet of our Country, but they bleed and can be defeated, a la Trump or someone like him. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Over the years, I’m come to regard our Politicians as nothing more than crackheads that will do anything to get their “fix”.  You know, they’ll sell your $50k car for a $20 crack rock.  In our case,  I mean that they’ll sell our Country out, sentence our Children to Debt Slavery, and violate every thing that we as a People hold sacred, for a campaign contribution to further their own Political aspirations, or a personal slush fund bank roll.  The People, Truth, and Justice be damned. They believe themselves to be above the Law.

I say NO to globalism, NO to flooding our Country with people who wish to destroy our way of life, and are fundamentally incompatible with our Western Values and most importantly our Constitution. This has nothing to do with color, and has everything to do with a mindset.  I liken them to having permanent brain damage.  They’re fouled beyond the point of recovery, tainted mentally.   You could literally travel back in time 1,000 years, and find the same barbaric and vile mentality.  We must not allow this to take root in OUR Country. Never!

If you’ve ever sworn an oath to defend our Constitution, then you know that something clicks inside your being, that is as real as anything else to you. This is very real, and I’m so grateful for Mr. Trump for what he’s doing for US.

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