History Repeating – Ahead of French Election Facebook Blocks 30,000 Accounts…

A report surfaces today that Facebook has shut down 30,000 user accounts from France. The French election is in 10 days and given the nature of Facebook’s political activity in shaping national elections many are seeing a connection.

[…] In a blog post, Facebook said it was acting against 30,000 fake accounts in France. It said its priority was to remove suspect accounts with high volumes of posting activity and the biggest audiences. –link


Facebook was first used as a political tool during the Egyptian uprising in 2010. It was the introduction and coordinated use of social media which led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and the installation of Mohammed Morsi. Additionally, WikiLeaks earlier released evidence showing the CIA was previously used in the 2012 French election to shape the outcome.

A week before the WikiLeaks release highlighting the CIA’s prior involvement, CNN was pushing a narrative that the Russians were attempting to interfere in the psychology of the French election. The WikiLeaks release in combination with the CNN story showed two interested entities fighting for influence. The U.S. State Dept. through CNN and Russia through WikiLeaks – Outlined Here

Why would they do this? Well, those of you who have followed the historic research on the State Department might well remember the “Rivkin Project“. The globalist agents, multinational interests, are simply not willing to concede another loss in their decades long approach toward eliminating nationalist sentiment…….

Source: History Repeating – Ahead of French Election Facebook Blocks 30,000 Accounts…

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