UN Puts Saudi Arabia On Commission Responsible For ‘Gender Equality And The Empowerment Of Women’

Image result for saudi arabia on women's rights

The United Nations put Saudi Arabia on its commission for the empowerment of women Wednesday, despite the country mandating women can’t leave home without a male guardian.

The UN’s Economic and Social Council voted by secret ballot to put Saudi Arabia on the Commission on the Status of Women.

It is the principal international organization responsible for the “promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women,” according to the commission’s website.

Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for its suppression of women’s rights, was ranked 134th out of 145 countries for gender equality in 2015. Saudi women are largely confined to the home under the direct supervision of male guardians, usually relatives, known as walis. A Saudi woman must obtain their wali’s permission to travel, marry, engage in business or undergo some medical procedures.

……………Saudi Arabia’s membership to both the human rights council and commission on the status of women will give it a say in key resolutions and platforms over the next several years.

This has to be one of the stupidest things that I’ve heard in a long time, well – since Iran won a spot on the Women’s Rights Commission.



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