What’s the big deal?

The idea here is to create a space within which we are free to speak our minds, without hurting anyone’s feeling… Full on Free Thought on various subjects such as; Atheism, Agnosticism, Religion, Race, Politics, geopolitical happenings, Science etc..  Anything is on the table as long as there’s no direct name-calling but nothing should get in the way of exploring ideas.   Let’s do some thinking together!thinking.jpg

6 Responses to What’s the big deal?

  1. rickmadigan says:

    Wow, great job on the blog articles.

    I wasn’t sure which thread to post this on, but since you mentioned an interest in the spiritual sort of phenomenon, I thought you might enjoy some of Derren Brown’s work.

    I enjoyed this Séance the most. He really had me spooked at times, until we got to the very last minute.

    But don’t jump ahead. Watch it through as I did, let yourself feel whatever you feel with the other students. Quite amazing how faith works, when influenced by others around us:

    • teajr says:

      Thanks, I’m literally slapping them together so quickly that I’m noticing too many mistakes. I have limited time for this project but I need to practice better proofreading, although it is for fun.

  2. rickmadigan says:

    This is a good one on Evangelism.

    Derren does the laying on of hands, converting people from Atheism to Christianity, by touching them and causing them to fall back, being “slain in the spirit.”

    He told them the truth how he did it, later on. He does some sort of chi movement, seems like:

    • teajr says:

      These are great vids, He does one where he grooms a fella’ to act like an Evangelist and takes him to Texas to infiltrate the money basket circuit..

      • rickmadigan says:

        I like his exploration of the psychology behind believing. Why are people so easily persuaded by touch?

        I posted the Angels video, and I didn’t get to mention that Pastor Rodney did a similar touch thing for as many as wanted it.

        And everyone wanted to be touched, so we all lined up around the whole of the building. I am talking 10,000 people in a circle all over the building, five, eight ten lines deep.

        I got the touch too, it wasn’t anything really. But I have been touched by some Pastors where it did feel like something, but that wouldn’t have convinced me to become a believer, because there are numbers of ways to manipulate a touch feeling.

  3. rickmadigan says:

    Hi Teajr, I was thinking about the differences between Progs and Liberals and I wanted to do a thread about it, but its confusing.

    I know the differences are significant and Pat Condell did a nice video on this topic, Sundance has spent good time articulating the differences, along with some articles I’ve read elsewhere.

    But I gotta tell you, more and more I do not notice the differences. They seem like the same, except that liberals seem a bit less controlling, and perhaps tend to be more caring.

    Btw, I haven’t had much time to view the threads at CTH recently. Do you know who was being asked to “suck it up” on that motto thread?

    Anyway, I gotta post another focus on O’Mara thread, since Shellie’s case is coming up in a few days. Later

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