Having trouble just making ends meet because of taxes that go to people who don’t work?

Check your State and see how you’d do not working at all! [BELOW] Hit that share button and Tweet or send an email link to every working man and woman you know.

A Cato Institute study has determined that welfare benefits in fact payout more than a full time minimum wage job in at least 35 states! WTF?

1. The free money is more than $15 an hour in over ten states
2. Welfare is more than a newly college educated teacher in eleven states makes
3. Outdoes the salary of a computer programmer in three states!
4. The highest welfare payouts are over $20 an hour! (Hawaii, with payments equaling $29.13 per hour, DC at $24.43 per hour, Massachusetts at $24.30 , Connecticut at $21.33, New York at $21.01 per hour, New Jersey at $20.89 per hour, Rhode Island at $20.83 per hour and Vermont at $20.36 per hour)


Pissed off yet? You need to hit that share button, Facebook, Tweet and send an email link to this story to every working man and woman you know. NOW!

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  2. I find it ironic that we are focusing on labor at the very moment when machine intelligence is preparing to make a lot of labor irrelevant.
    Anyway, the original study:

    Click to access the_work_versus_welfare_trade-off_2013_wp.pdf

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